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雪花秀 Sulwhasoo is launching Lunar New Year Limited Editions, on counters January 3rd, 2022! 2022 Limited Editions are inspired by traditional Chinese knots (中國結); Chinese knots are often used to express good wishes including happiness, prosperity, and love. In celebration of the New Year, Sulwhasoo reinterpreted the glamourous and decorative traditional Chinese knot in a modern way to bring blessings and good luck in the Year of the Tiger.

Fist Care Activating Serum 润燥精华

全球平均每10秒售出一瓶,荣登红顶之巅,让顾客无限回购多次。 由5种珍稀草本植物(百合,莲花,芍药根,地黄根,玉竹根)的提取物组成黄金比例。 主要功效:补水和淡化细纹, 滋润却不粘腻,针对亚洲女性肌肤内外兼顾双重功效,解决肌肤不稳定状态,任何肤质都适用!

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum 滋盈生人参焕颜精华露

又称“时光精华”, 主打三层抗老 表层紧塑, 内层支撑和肌底回弹,拥有雪花秀传奇核心成分“传奇赋活精萃”,

8周蜕变, 减少皱纹,肌肤密度及弹力提升,由内而外参润养护肌肤。